Sadly, we missed the showing of Zero Days ( at the recent Edinburgh Film Festival (

Zero Days is a docu-movie about the Stuxnet virus which was used to target Iranian nuclear production capabilities in 2010. Malware was specifically engineered to affect centrifuges used in the enrichment of uranium, requiring deep knowledge of the systems and also methods for ensuring the Malware reached its target.

The Stuxnet attack is well known in Cyber Security circles but not widely known in the mainstream.

The movie is released on July the 8th in the US, and we assume a few months later in the UK, so we look forward with anticipation to seeing it and are also glad to be seeing the topic of Industrial Control System/SCADA Security brought to the fore in mainstream media.

While a foreign nation was the target in this instance and there were specific geopolitical issues at play, it still highlights the threats to systems which we, in this country, rely on to go about our daily lives and rely on for our safety.

For an engaging and quick introduction to what Stuxnet was about this great short from Hungry Beast is well worth a view